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Welcome to Black Greeks Speak (BGS). A non-profit member based organization that is dedicated to transforming a 19th Century Black Greek Letter Organizational member model for social justice and human rights engagement into a 21st century model that more effectively addresses contemporary justice and human rights issues in our world. As an education and policy studies organization, BGS advances the cause of social justice and human rights through our commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship, pragmatic service, and grassroots community engagement[...]


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 The New "Black" Leaders Campaign Forum

New Black Leadership Campaign

MLK Empowerment Summit/New Black Leadership Campaign





Black Greeks Speak hosts a broad range of public and members-only forums, seminars, policy discussion, and special events to address some of the most complex and challenging social and political issues in our world. These events not only allow people to develop coalitions and enhance their professional and personal networks, but also, they create space to deepen relationships with key leaders and innovators. If you wish to register or to be a part of any of our BGS events across the country, then make sure to check out our events calendar for opportunities near you.


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